Friday, 1 February 2019

A Raddled 55 Year Old - Another Birthday

I don't know how, why, where or what, but on Sunday I turned another year older.  How it even happened I don't know.  You blink too hard and a whole year passes you by. I turned 55 and no, I am not fussed that people know that I am 55 - rather know than guess and what is wrong with people knowing your age.  You earned it - own it.

Last year my birthday was forgotten in a haze of moving house.  Yea, we just landed in New Zealand on the 30th of November and went to our "new" rental that was to be our future home that Mark had lived in for a month.  Not even three weeks later the owner sold it and we were given notice.  Then it was a mad hunt to look for a pet-friendly place.  Rentals [decent] are scarce in New Zealand, add dogs into the mix and it sends you straight into the doldrums.

Since then we all believe it was a blessing that the first house was sold because we would have been more than raddled old people toiling the lands of a lifestyle block.  The house we are staying in now was my birthday present - it was a miracle, a blessing and a prayer answered.

It doesn't however, take away the fact that my birthday was forgotten in the haze of Mark working and Chad and I moving house with the help of a removal company - paid by the hour, at top dollar so we did as much as we could ourselves.  Then the three of us, cleaning two houses and the gardens of the lifestyle block and unpacking AGAIN.  I will never forget that birthday.

This birthday, surprise surprise, Chad had to go back to South Africa.  His visa expired on the 23 January 2019 after extending it, so he flew back on the 20th.  It was a tough one and I planned to huddle under the covers and not face the world, but Mark had other ideas.

He woke me up with breakfast in bed and then called me downstairs. He had a bunch of presents all wrapped up for me in sparkly paper - he did all this whilst I was sleeping.  I had been up at 5 and then went straight back to sleep so didn't hear a thing.  One of my presents, was a Tea for One Set, which I have always wanted, but never bought or even mentioned.  The universe aligned and brought it to me 😍

It was such a lovely surprise. We showered and got dressed early and went for a walk - to look for my bank card that I lost the night before, not because we are full of energy. I discovered it was missing the night before but could have been lost at any time. We went to look at the place where we had walked the dogs the night before and at the Lakefront where I had fed the ducks on Friday.  I keep my bank card in my phone cover with my licence and my phone cover is broken.  Lesson learnt a replacement card is $15NZ.  Mark is all - ah it's only $10 and I am like one hundred rand.  I know I shouldn't convert to rands but I do. It wasn't R100.00 it was R150.00.  Remember that when you bitch about South African bank rates but I guess its all relevant because New Zealand minimum wage is not a fight at $2.00 (R20.00) an hour.

After our walks, we went to buy stuff for a picnic and spent the day at a quiet spot along the lake about 30 minutes away from home. We went with the dogs and just hung out, stuffing our faces with chips and sweets and other snacks and relaxing at the water's edge.  We didn't swim because the water was cold and very rough.

Monday was a holiday so we extended our relaxing birthday eating celebration day but spent the day watching United States of Tara - binge-watching and binge eating.  We ended the weekend with a walk along the lake at Wharewaka Reserve at around 8pm when it was much cooler.

It was a sad, tough day, but the surprise and Mark's thoughtfulness was the perfect distraction.

Now I am hoping to not blink and discover it is January 2020.

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