Wednesday, 6 February 2019

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If you reading this then I don't have to tell you that my blog is Public again.  I enjoy brain dumping on a keyboard and I have tried all ways to get brain dumping without making my blog public and it just hasn't worked out.

The password became an issue for even me and to expect anyone else to battle in their busy lives was expecting too much.  The other issue was Afrihost, both with the password and making it Private Readers Only - oh my gosh that has just been a constant battle from one thing to the next.  If I ever had a query with my CPanel, they could not see my blog and [perhaps] they just messed everything up.  At one point my blog was pointing to their home page.

The problem with Afrihost is that their support people are allegedly outsourced to India, so I was told by one of their support people awhile back - hence 24-hour support and more than one person works on a support ticket. One person was telling me they had an issue with one of their hosted servers that the developers were working on, one was blaming my ISP and one was blaming Google. I eventually grew tired of the fight and left it to resolve itself.

It's still not completely solved and all my permalinks are messed, many of my links don't work anymore and almost daily I work on my blog to try and fix all the links. I have had to fix a lot of script issues that worked before but now Blogger has an issue with it. My previews don't work so I have to post and then check and then correct any spacing or layout issues.

It also seems that Google / Blogger is as indecisive as what I am.  All Google+ products will be obsolete as at 4 February - okay that was two days ago.  Although I have not used Google+ for ages, I still downloaded all my data from Google+ pages and Google+.

As for life lately, nothing much has changed we are still plodding along in New Zealand.  Waiting for our Residency application to be assigned to a case officer.  Chad is still in South Africa and our lives are kind of on hold wondering what will eventually be.

New Zealand is more like home now and sometimes it feels like we never lived elsewhere.  We have our favourite spots to visit, to walk the dogs and go on hikes. All stuff we didn't do in South Africa.  Even the lack of shops or the choice of shops eventually just no longer becomes an issue.  New Zealand grows on you - I tell you.

I am trying my best to put effort into my photo a day challenges and last Saturday, I convinced Mark to walk around town with me to look for street art for my prompt.  Something I learned, because I didn't know Street Art was a thing here.  My photos are not that good because we went at 6pm and the sun at 6pm can be brighter and harsher than at 12 midday.

Some evenings we walk the dogs at Wharewaka Reserve.  It has been so hot here that one evening we swam in the lake with the dogs - they love it and so do we.  We were going to do it every night but Mark is pretty tired from work so we just veg in front of the TV. I still have not found work this year as my temp assignment is finished and that is frustrating.

We finished watching United States of Tara and sadly it was only three seasons and then it was canned - there were not enough viewers.  I think it is a brilliant show but after doing some Google detective work, it seems they may have tried to pull it off as a comedy.  Although there are a lot of funny moments, it is too serious of a Mental Disease to make a joke of it (Disassociative Identity Disorder - previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder).  It's also too "unreal" for those that don't know much about the disorder so it could come across as far fetched - yet people love far fetched crap - just not real reality.

I try and not get involved in TV series and shows because when I do find a good one it becomes all-consuming.  Another brilliant show I got involved in - it's like life stopping involved, was Fighting Season  - an Australian Drama Series - a six-part series but so brilliant.  A drama involving Australian soldiers returning on leave from deployment in Afghanistan - a lesson that there are no winners in war. These shows are more real than the mindless reality shows that we are bombarded with.

Don't believe everything people say about it raining ALL THE TIME in New Zealand - here is looking at me.  It hasn't rained since Chad flew back to South Africa.  It ALWAYS rains when we go to the airport when Chad flies back to South Africa - and we have been there often.  Three hours away and it has rained the whole way, but never fetching him.  We haven't had any rain just hot humid days and nights  It has threatened to rain a few evenings but hasn't.  Today it has been threatening to rain since lunchtime so maybe it will rain tonight

Today is a holiday - Waitangi Day - it marks the signing of the Waitangi Treaty.  We just stayed home and have spent some of today's holiday learning about Waitangi Day and the history of signing the Waitangi Treaty, doing garden work and now blogging.

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