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My Weight My Problem

Scale - My Weight My Problem

One of my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days was to lose 10 Kgs.  It was number 18 on the list and should have been number one.  I never put an end date on the weight challenge and am so regretting that now 🤣.

I have lost 10 Kg's, I think I have lost 80 Kilos since the start of my 101 things in 1001 day's post.  The problem is that I keep finding those 10 kilos in butt loads - thanks boiled egg diet.  So yes my weight is my problem.

Number 13 on my list is Blend/Juice for 30 days.  Unlucky number 13, it's not going to happen.  I am in a totally new and different stressful place and yea Fruit and Veg far too expensive so that won't be happening - you know those 12 Dollar pumpkins.  I did do a 7-day juice around July 2017 but 30 days - not happening.

A Glass of Celery Juice with a tape measure around it

I have done a few Green Tea or Grape Fruit fasts for three days where I only drink Green Tea for three days or only eat Grapefruit and drink water for three days, all in my desperation to lose weight. And then, of course, the infamous boiled egg diet that is not healthy but weight falls off so fast but then comes back on even faster after the two weeks. Then I am off the wagon again - like totally off.

I dieted for a year and put on 20 kilos scale

The reality is that I dieted for the past year and put on 20 kilos - you read right. Please note, I said the past year and not the joke of dieting this whole year.  I went on a diet on the 10 February last year and a year later, I weigh so much that my fat clothes don't fit me. I am so disgusted in myself because all my healthy eating, after picking up so much weight from giving up smoking, was just a waste.

There is this whole new rage of not fat shaming and being comfortable with who you are but there is a very fine line between being comfortable with who you are and with letting yourself go. I certainly don't feel comfortable lugging 20 kg's around and my organs and skeleton aren't happy with it either.  Imagine carrying a huge 20kg bag of dog food around all day, every day.

I live in a Region where people are genuinely comfortable in their skin.  Women, men, girls, boys and everyone in between, walk around in shorts and costumes (bathing suits) whether they are thin fat skinny sexy thigh gap no thigh gap young old very old very young - they happy in their skin.  No one says I went down to the lake and had a swim and felt comfortable in my shorts or I wore a costume and didn't care about my fat bulges.  They just say I went swimming in the lake - full stop period.  They walk around town in shorts - some shorts, shorter and tinier than boyleg panties and no one says - I wore these shorts today because I am comfortable in my skin. It's also a tourist town  so people are in shorts and swimming gear and they may say - I wore these shorts/dress/costume and didn't care about my legs/butt/tummy but the locals - I doubt it because it's not conversations people have when talking about swimming and going down to the lake or wearing shorts in town.

It does make it far easier to be 20kg's heavier and go down to the lake and swim because I honestly don't feel that people are judging.  Go to the shop in the middle of freezing Winter in tiny shorts and a hoody and no one will care.  I am not saying people don't diet here and exercise or take care of themselves - they do, but in general, conversations, don't revolve around looking good in your skin - it is just being comfortable. They not trying to convince themselves or anyone else because it really doesn't matter.  I am not comfortable in my skin or body but I really don't care about going down to swim in a costume - hence the 20 kg increase. People do say put your shorts on and... I am like shorts what shorts - I don't own such, other than swimming type shorts.  I always said that if I lived in a house with full-length mirrors, I wouldn't put on weight. Haha, we have full-length mirrors around the house and here I am chugging 20 extra kilos around.

Bridal Veil Falls

The crazy thing is that I am way fitter now than when I was 20kg's lighter - all my own housework, climbing up and down stairs all day carrying laundry baskets, brooms, buckets and vacuum cleaners makes for a fit person. In March 2017 when we came on holiday to New Zealand I was probably 15 kilos lighter and Chad and I went to the Bridal Veil Falls and I struggled to climb up and down the 200 odd stairs to the bottom of the falls.  I didn't think I would make it and had to push my self.  We have gone on plenty of hikes and in the beginning, I struggled with the shortest of all.  In December lugging an extra 15 kilos, we went to Bridal Veil Falls again to show Mark and J and I almost ran down. Coming up was a struggle but I did it way quicker and with far fewer breaks than in 2017.  Mark never even attempted it - his foot was sore 😉.

You made it to the bridal veil falls

How many steps to the bottom

the falls are 55 meters to the bottom

Thanks to our Ginger Bread House and days at the lake having picnics over the December/January period, eating sweets and chips and biscuits, I weigh even more than when I walked down to the bottom of the falls.  We have never bought so many tubs of ice cream as we have since we moved here.  The ice cream is just so nice and so many different flavours like Strawberries and Cream, Peaches and Cream; Hokey Pokey (which is honeycomb in vanilla ice cream) French Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Boysenberry my ultimate best.  I would be here for days if I had to list all the ones we have tried over and over - not the Magnum; King Cone and Ola type ones - just tubs.

There are not many varieties of sweets here, but what they lack in variety they make up for in deliciousness.  They are just so good we eat far too many.  The only thing I would say that I miss are Smarties - you don't get them here.  The Chocolate even though also Cadbury,  just tastes better.  Kit Kats are so much better over here and we won't go down the other Chocolate roads like Whittikers and Belgian Chocolate.  Now you know where the 20 Kg's come from.  Chocolate is cheaper than Vegies - four Dairy Milk Oreo Chocolates cost less than one pepper and taste better 😜.  Not that peppers are healthy considering they are nightshades but yes, Chocolate cheaper.

peppers are cheaper than chocolates

Who wants to go on a picnic and spend the day at the Lake or any outing with a boiled egg and some green vegetables - no one -  well not me so its chips and biscuits.  Oh did I mention the biscuits - so over Tim Tams but Griffen Chit Chats and Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands and Cookie Bear Stripes - they are for Kids - don't let that stop us or you - they are divine.  Chad takes sweets and biscuits back to South Africa - they can't wait to get them even though there is way more variety in South Africa.

sweets pineapple lumps chips

I dare not put another kilo on because that will not be good.  Its been so hot here that we have been buying Icy's by the packet load because they are a dollar a pack.  I was never one for eating icy's but I had one and have been addicted since.  So that my dear is how you put on 20 kilos after dieting for a year.

Freeze Pops

Why is a healthy diet and lifestyle not sustainable but an unhealthy one very sustainable?


Double Disclaimer: In the interests of transparency, I dont't actually weigh 20 kilos more than this time last year - I checked my Fatsecret App  and I weigh 5 kilos more than last year. It sure feels like it 🙄 -  but 20 more than February 2017 - and I was ALWAYS on a diet. Its Monday and I am on a diet AGAIN.

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