"Chad Brian, affectionately called Chaddy, was born on Monday, 12Th of May 1997 at Parklane Clinic, by Caesarean Section. Chad was my little wild child. He was full of confidence, was not scared to do anything and if you said to him, don't do that or don't do this, it will hurt you, burn you or fall on you, he would do it just to prove you wrong. He was fearless!!! This all changed after Clint's death. Now he worries far too much for his age, he is cautious and sees the danger in things. He is still a chatter box and talks and talks and talks. He is my protector and no one can mess with me, his mother  or say something bad about me or do me any wrong. Then they can count themselves as his enemy!!! He loves animals and is mad about wrestling. For as long as I can remember, he has been a fan of WWE wrestling. He loves watching TV  and playing play station."

I started this blog a month before Chad turned 13, he was in Grade 7. This was the year that this school photo above was taken.  He is now 14 and a half and almost finished his first year of high school. Chad is the light of my life, the reason why I have gotten out of bed for the past 4 and a half years.  The reason why I smile and laugh and the reason why I carry on everyday, the reason why I have managed to live without Clinton, the reason why I have to live without Clinton. Chad is a very loving beautiful child, who used to be very extroverted and confident, but has lost all of that and I am hoping that one day he will go back to being confident again. I will keep adding to this page, but obviously Chad will be included in all my other posts when I post about our daily lives. 

Chaddy, mommy just wants to tell you, in case I don't say it enough that I love you very much!!!!

Chad 2 & half in Ramsgate

Chad 2007 at Sun City

Chad dressed up for school fun day 2007

Chad on Table Mountain Cape Town 2009

Chad 2008

Chad Grade 8

Chad Grade 9

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