This page is dedicated to Clinton, the story of his life, his accident and his death. The story of a very special, kind and loving child who never harmed anything or anyone. A child whose life and dreams were cut short at the tender age of 17.
"Clinton Jason, affectionately called Clinty, was born on Thursday, the 21st of September 1989, by Caesarean section at the Mary Mount Nursing Home. Clint was always a very serious and responsible child. He was very cautious and never daring and did not take risks. If you told him not to do something, he would not do it, from very little. I could leave him alone at the pool and say Clint don't go by the pool, because you will drown and he would not go anywhere near that. If I said don't touch that you will burn, he would walk away and never go near whatever it was that he was told not to touch. He was always busy fixing things or making things or changing things. His love for all things with wheels and engines and especially motorbikes started at a very young age. In fact before he even turned one. Although he hated loud noises when he was very little and did not like loud revving of bikes and cars, it still did not stop him from his obsession with bikes and cars. His life was bikes and cars and when he was little those where the only toys he wanted and everyone knew what to buy him for birthdays and Christmas. His love for cars and bikes never went away. He was very good with his hands and he used to even convert his toy cars and bikes and modify them with extra exhausts, engines etc. He was a good loyal friend and always saw the good in people, yet at the same time was never influenced by anyone to fit in or be accepted. He always stuck to his values and stayed grounded, no matter who he was friends with. He allowed the person to be who they were, without judging or condemning them, but remained true to himself and his morals and values. He loved animals and always treated them gently and kindly. His life ended tragically and traumatically at 3am on Friday, the 16 March 2007."


The 15th of March 2007, started off as a normal day, no different than any other day.  I took Chad to school and Clint went to school on his motorbike. It was a Thursday and Thursdays were special days for me. Clint was getting older he had his own life and he was not very chatty, unlike Chad who chats all the time, about everything and anything.  Sometimes we have to still tell Chad to keep quiet for at least a minute, just to get a word in.  Clint was different, when he spoke it was usually very meaningful and deep conversation.  He was a doer not a talker.

The matrics were allowed to leave school when classes were finished, so on a Thursday he would get home just after 12. The only day that his classes finished early and he did not have free lessons in between later lessons.  The unfortunate part is that he had to go back to school at 2.30pm for afternoon classes to do portfolio work. Needless to say he had a very grotty timetable.

Our domestic worker left at 12 and minutes after that Clint would be at home. Just the two of us and we would have our special quality time and talk about everything happening in his life, our intense, deep conversations.  I enjoyed those special times, then I would fetch Chad at 1.40 and Clint would go back to school. On Thursday, 15 March 2007, I was really looking forward to him coming home, so we could chat and I also wanted to take him to get another pair of shoes, which I had promised him. I was sitting in the office when he pulled into the gate on his bike, my back to the window and Jingles was barking like crazy, as if someone else was there. Clint popped his head round the door to say hello. He had his friend Jade with him. She came home on the bike with him, he had his proper bike license, no longer just a learner license and believed he could now legally lift passengers.  I was very disappointed, because I wanted to spend the morning with him. Was it a premonition or is it just something I feel in hindsight? I don't know and will never know, but on that day I really wanted to have our alone quality time together.

I moaned at him for allowing Jade on his bike and said what if you have an accident, what will Jade's mother say.  Clint hated me saying "what if". I now hate myself for saying it, the very last time I said it to him, on the day he had his accident.  I live with the guilt of saying it, because Clint probably thinks I cared more about someone else having an accident than him.  I also used to say it when Chad wanted to go on the bike with him. I said it not because I cared more about Chad having an accident, but I did not want Clint to ever have to live with the guilt that he was indirectly the cause of someone being hurt or maimed whilst being lifted on his bike.  At no point did I ever believe that he would be involved in an accident that caused his death or anyone Else's, but I was not naive in believing accidents would not happen.  After all Clint and Mark were involved in an accident on the Ben Schoeman Highway, 8 months before.  Both bikes a complete wrecked.  Clint's bike a complete right off, Mark's bike was eventually fixed.  Mark was hurt more, Clint had a slight graze on his back, Mark's legs and arms cut up, but nothing serious, life threatening or needing hospitalisation.

We then said no more bikes, finished! Mark knew if Clint had another accident, he would be the one to have to tell me and I was very upset and freaked out when he told me they had an accident that day. Well Clint cried real tears, fought with me, got into terrible moods and even refused to get dressed in the mornings, it was school holidays and all he did was lie in the lounge under the duvet and watch TV or lie in his room and watch TV, without getting dressed, something he never did. He wanted a bike and that was that.  He had every answer  & argument. We were his parents and no one else had a say in whether he should be allowed to have a bike or not. If I loved him I would let him have another bike, I knew how much he loved bikes he argued. At least he did not take drugs, bikes were not bad. The arguments and his motivations for a bike were endless.  He also said "when it is your time, it's your time" I don't for one minute believe he meant it. That is just something people say, because who believes a child will die. When he did his license, he did it with a man in his late fifties, who had been riding a bike for 35 years without a license and only went to do his license, because the cops were getting so strict, he is one of millions so why would a cautious, responsible 17 year old die on a bike.

Him and Jade were sitting in the lounge laughing, chatting and were just having fun.  Seeing them enjoying themselves, I was no longer disappointed and thought that we could go to the shops another day to get his shoes.  Little did I know that was the last day that I would see him, spend time with him and just hear his voice.  I went to fetch Chad at the normal time and him and Jade went back to school.  Whilst he was at afternoon classes for English, the Science teacher gave them an assignment which was due for the next day.  It was very difficult, so Clint asked me to take him to his friend Dwayne's house, because a couple of the boys who did Science were going to meet there and try and do the assignment together. I had to drop him off, because we had a huge rain and thunder storm just after he arrived home from school. The same kind of storm we had the day before when Clint's Hi-Fi was hit by lightning. His Hi-Fi which was not even turned on, was hit by lightning and broke.  Nothing else in the house only his Hi-Fi.

Just before he went to Dwayne's house he was talking to me about Jade and Jenna. Jenna was his friend Michael's sister and Clint had a crush on her for a very long type.  They started going out on dates just before his accident and they were planning on going to a festival at Brightwater Commons that weekend.  Jade was friends with Jenna as well and she was either jealous and or angry that Clint and Jenna had started dating. Whether it was because her and Clint were good friends or because she wanted to go out with him or just wanted him to herself, but whilst she was at our house she said to Clint I suppose you are going to ask Jenna to the matric farewell and he said why do you want to go with me. So we chatted about how silly both the girls were being.  Well actually I was telling him they were both being silly and just trying to give him advise and basically listen to him and basically chat about it.  Those were the kind of chats we had on Thursdays and that makes me think he also felt that we had missed out on our quality time morning and our chat had to be rushed and fitted in between school and everything else.

Then he went to Dwayne's house, both of us thinking we could carry on talking about it later after maths or the next day. When I fetched him from Dwayne it had stopped raining and he said he would go to maths on his bike.  It was hot and sunny.  I hated the fact that maths had changed from 3pm to 6pm.  I hate driving at that time of the day and hated Clint riding his bike then too.  I wanted to phone the teacher and tell her that it was inconvenient for Clint to go to maths at 6pm and to change it to another day and an earlier time.  Clint said I must leave it, he does not mind going then and it suits everyone else and it will inconvenience her schedule.  That was what Clint was like, always putting others before himself.  It was his second last lesson for the term and I was going to phone her definitely from the next term, because it would be winter and dark and I was not allowing him to ride in the dark. Well that did not happen.

Clint came inside not for long then left for maths and then Mark received the dreaded call and I knew straight away Clint had an accident. I cannot go into detail about that night.  I have recounted it a million times, told it over and over. I can't anymore.  I used to believe their was a happy ending and that is why I kept telling it over and over.  When I told my psychologist that, she looked at me in shock, horrified and asked what the happy ending was. There was no happy ending, I just believed in my traumatised mind that if I told the story over and over the part were Clint lived would be in the story, like it was in my dreams and thoughts, but it wasn't and that is what I meant when I told her. If someone asked me anything about what happened I could not talk about it, all I could do was rattle it off automatically, no emotion no tears, just a story that was going to have a happy ending, a happy ending that never happened.
The details of that night I will copy and paste from somewhere else, but I can't tell it now.  all I can say is that in the ambulance Clint said over and over "No more bike mommy" and sounded just like he did when he was a little boy.
So do I feel guilty and full of remorse for allowing him to have another bike. Damn right I do.  His bike, his passion, his love killed him, but did it or was it the bastard who broke the rules of the road and the murdering bitch who called herself a doctor. Yes it was those two not his bike and as much guilt as I have for giving into his love and passion, it is more than that, that I hate bikes.  It is because they are a painful reminder of who Clint was.
My logical brain often dissects, delves and analyses issues around the whole bike guilt and I often wonder what parents do or feel, if their child was killed in a car. Do they stop driving in cars? do they hate cars? Do they blame cars because their child was in a car? The list goes on, what about children walking and getting killed, do the parents stop walking? do they hate walking?
What do they do? So why do I feel guilty about giving my child what he truly loved, because society makes you feel the guilt. Just like Clint's words "No more bike".
The bottom line and the fact of the matter is, Clint was not drunk when he had his accident, he did not ride whilst high on drugs; he did not speed; ride recklessly and was not riding to a pub or club.  He was a responsible boy, who was on his way to extra maths, because he wanted to do well in Matric, he was so busy with school work that day.  His bed was covered in books, but his life ended at the hands of others. Cruel and evil and not because of the bike he loved so much.


To read what happened that night Click Here. It has been taken from somewhere else I have not read it so I am not even sure if it is the full story, because I just cannot read through it now.


This I have taken from the Face Book Memorial Group I started and it is what I wrote on the page.

"In Loving Memory Of Clinton 21.09.1989 - 16 March 2007

This profile was started in Memory Of Clint who touched so many lives in his short time with us. Clint's memory will always be the light in our lives.21.09.1989 - 16.03.2007
Personal Info
Clint had many interests - fishing; boating; camping; cars; 4x4'ing. He loved the outdoors and the bush but his best love of all was motorbikes.
Favorite Music:
Clint never had a favourite genre of music, but he always played music in his room. He liked Fall Out Boy, Some of Bryan Adams songs and went thru a stage of Eminem
Favorite TV Shows:
Two Wheels
Favorite Movies:
Any movie about motor bike stunt riding
Favorite Books:
Clint had no favourite books only magazines like Bike SA, 4X4 Magazine magazines, Caravan Book, Biker Life Style and all other Bike Magazines
Favorite Quotes:
Build a Bridge and Get Over It
About Clint:
Clint was a kind and loving boy who helped everyone and anyone. He was not lazy or scared of hard work. He spent most of his time fixing or making things.
Most of all he was a loving brother and son and loyal friend"

I had to write something for the funeral.  It is not a eulogy, by any means, something I was told to write. I am not even going to go into the whole funeral here, because if I had my way we would have had the funeral at home and not in a church. Then the priest refused to mention any part of the bikes. That was Clinton, that is what defined him and for some stranger who did not know him at all to decide what he will say or not, was just so wrong.  I don't know whether he did leave it out or not.  I was not listening and only heard the eulogies and really wish I had asked his friends to give me a copy to keep and remember.

"Clinton, the son of Mark and Dianne and brother of Chad, was born on 21 September 1989. When he was small he was a quiet; gentle shy little boy, but as he got older his shyness disappeared and he became a popular teenager, but he still remained a sensitive, caring, loving and genuine person. Clinton never saw the bad in anyone and if you were his friend you can be rest assured he was a true friend. He appreciated everything that we gave him no matter how big or small or trivial. If he wanted something and could not have it, he understood and accepted it. He was kind and helpful and nothing was too much for him. He was well mannered and polite and always kind to everyone. Clinton loved cars and motorbikes from before he could walk or talk, but motorbikes were his passion. He lived breathed and ate bikes. Bikes were his whole life and he took so much pride in his motorbike. He treasured it and spent hours cleaning it and polishing his helmet and no one could touch his helmet. Clint also loved the outdoors and camping and fishing. He loved boating and jet skiing. He was always fixing something or making something and nothing was too much for him. Whatever he set his mind to do he did with pride. He went to Weltevredenpark Primary school then Brandcliff High. It would be a lie to say he loved his school work, but he loved Brandcliff. He preferred to fix things or make things than do school work. He even converted his toy cars and made trailers for them or changed their engines. He was always busy making something or working on something, but when he started Matric this year he started to take his school work seriously and was determined to pass matric. Clint did everything in the right way. He passed his learners first time for both motorbike and car and he got his bike license the first time. He was counting the days to getting his car licence when he turned 18. Clint was really looking forward to his Matric farewell and finishing school. He wanted to travel and study further and just when everything was going so well for him his life ended and he was taken from us in such a tragic way. He was a wonderful son and brother and he loved us dearly and we loved him dearly. Our home and hearts are so empty without him."

Chad wanted to write a eulogy, but then could not. This is what he started

"Clinton  was  the  best  brother  in  the  world  no  offence   to  all  the  Brothers  but  He                                                                     

Was special. I loved him very much and he helped me and taught me lots of things. From Chaddy"


This was Mark's eulogy, which he wrote, but then could not read it, so his sister read it out on his behalf 
"Well I never thought I would have to do this, but here goes:
Clint you were my whole world. I was privileged to have you in my life. When you were little your favourite words were “I cant ”, but with a bit of help and guidance that quickly changed and you could do anything you set out to do with great ease.
I taught you how to drive when you were just 10 years old and ever since, you moved the landy and parked the cars at night. Even reversing the caravan was done with ease and requested by yourself. The landy was never to be sold as that was your vehicle and you were going to your matric dance in it.
I was so proud when you got your motor bike license which was done with ease and a walk in the park seeing that motor bikes were one of your passions.
Thanks for showing me so much in life that I’ll try to improve on:- forgiving, love and a zest for life. You loved your mom, Chad and myself and your waddy and grampa with so much passion it is mind boggling.
I knew you were well liked by your friends – but golly that’s an understatement. I am so proud to be your father and every single person I’ve spoken to have told me what impeccable manners you had and what a great person you were. Thanks for that.
Clint you were my best friend and you are irreplaceable. I used to have a fear of death – but buddy I’m now ready as I know you are waiting for me. I am so sorry you left us so soon as you had so much to offer this world and so much going for you. Life will never be the same without you. And camping our passion, well how do you put up the tent as I cant. I know the Lord needed you as you were the best right hand man I have ever known and ever will.
You will be sorely missed by us and we will cherish all the great memories. I loved you more than life itself and thanks for letting me be your dad – I am really honoured.
I will never ever forget you and your last words to me were “Mark I love you” Well buddy you were the reason I love life so much and hopefully time will heal the huge hole in my heart, but you will always be there and I hope and pray that your few years on this earth were all you ever expected. People think you and Chad are spoiled, well I believe that you deserved whatever you ever got from me and millions more. I have to be strong to make sure your brother is on the right track to follow in your footsteps. Please believe me you were one of a kind and very special. Words will never explain how much we loved you and how much we will miss you. I know you are an angel and looking after us. Thanks again and remember you were my life and I will try my best to look after mom and Chad the best I can. You were so brave in hospital and my hero. I love you always and forever .
Your father"


Letter to Clint from his friend Matt, which I found purely by accident on Face Book, written on the wall of a group someone started in Memory of Clint.

I have copied and pasted it and have not changed or edited anything.

"I knew...
I knew we wouldnt survive without you. it's been nearly a year now. You were one of my best and only friends, the four of us were ment to conquor worlds together. Why did this happen to you? Sometimes i stop outside brandcliff, but never enter. waiting at the gates after hours, driving buy slowly waiting for the guys to jump into my car like we used to, on our random adventures...
but there are no more guys, we lost sight of our destenation when you left us and trailed so far off that we can no longer find each other. What must we do Clint, Im so lost. iv been so angry and so fustraited with you for so long. Im sorry dude, I never gave you a good bye, but i never will. i will wait at those gates till we all walk out together again, till the worlds are our play peens and everyone else is just visiting. I miss you so much...
I got a B for art and english, ha, pretty good hey? but i got a double G for maths :) Im studing film now, Callum is studying animation, we no longer...
...Talk, Cullen is studying to be the next indian jones havnt seen him since my last exam. I am studing film, it keeps my mind off things but im not really intrested, i work hard though cause its costing my dad his left nut to keep me there, Oh yeah my mom and dad are back together, i had something of a break down just befor my grandad died and they got back together Which is pretty cool, we also got a new dog namesd Missy, adobted her from her abusive owners, I cant my nephew is starting to talk, Clare and i are still together, And so is Roxy and Callum. Remeber the gaming i used to go on about??? well i talk to it more so when you left, i know im a nerd, but you'll be happy to hear that a have now fallen under the classifacation of a pro, im in the 10th best clan in SA and we are still new, and i am one of SA's best demomen, haha, its a class in the game.Damnit i wish you were here. Iv made some new friends but they come and go in the breeze, i mostly stay in isolation in front of my
crappy PC where im happiest. Cant you help but think what could've been... what should've been? I lay in bed at nights sometimes, when i cant sleep, imagining thses childish worlds, fulled with adventure and danger wishing I was someone else, somewhere else. Clare keeps saying ive fallen into depretion because i drift off so often but she dosnt under stand the places and worlds we can create. I dont have to smile to be happy.........
Why arnt you here, keeping us together
The world dosnt seem darker, or worse... just slower somehow, i watch amovie the other day, the bridge to taribithia, its a famly movie but one of the sickest things iv ever sat through, I hope your having fun and causing trouble where ever you are, sorry but you know i dont believe in heaven or hell. I dont even know if i spellt it correctly... Hope ill see my destenation and get back on track soon, always thinking of you. love ya."
What Matt wrote and felt is so true. Clint was the glue that kept people together. He was the link in the chain. The link that broke off and is no longer there and no other link, no matter where it comes from or what it looks like, will ever keep the chain together. Reading this "letter" again today and thinking about the link in the chain, made me remember something one of the spiritual healers, who I went to had said to me.  I cannot remember exactly what she said or why she said it, but she said Clint was the missing link in the chain. Whatever she had said at the time about this chain, I did not believe and I could not relate to what she said. Well two or three years later this "letter" from Matt to Clinton has made me think about the chain and the link and how it does relate to Clint. I always thought Matt was very popular at school, who had lots of friends, this just goes to show that how he saw himself was very different to how others saw him or proves that not everyone is a friend.

This is something I wrote, it might have been for his Face Book group or something else.

"Clint was really an amazing boy. I am not just saying that, because he was my child. He always made me proud to be his mom.
The weekend before his accident, he had gone fishing with his friend and his friend’s dad. Clint and his friend’s dad stayed up the whole night fishing. His friend went to sleep at about 4am. They came home at about 11am on the Sunday and his friend and the dad went straight to sleep. Clint unpacked everything and put all the stuff away out of his own and when his friend’s mom said he must not worry he said its fine, he doesn’t mind. He then sat and spoke to his friend’s mom and sister for awhile and then came home.
His friend’s sister told me this. For Clint it was normal to help. His friend races little pocket motorbikes. His dad also sells the bikes. Clint didn’t like riding them, but him and a bunch of other kid’s used to go with to watch him race, some of the other boys also rode the bikes. Clint was the only kid who helped the dad load the bike’s onto the trailer and off again and pack them away when they got home. He was not asked to help, he just did. He also helped the dad fix the bikes if they broke. His friend’s mom always said he was going to be her son-in-law one day. Yet her daughter was just a friend of his. Sadly they did start dating a month before he died. Now he will never be her son-in-law or anyone else’s.
When he told me what his friend’s mom always said, I told him he was far too young to be thinking of being someone’s son-in-law. Little did I know that a few months later he would be far too young to die? Because of someone’s stupidity and a doctor’s negligence and unethical conduct all his dreams and our future were ripped out of our lives.
To those parents, Clint was not just a friend of their sons that died. He was such a big part of their lives and family. When his friend’s mom gets home from work on a Friday, she expects him to be at her house. On a Saturday morning she would wake up and expect to see him sleeping on her couch with one of her little Dachshunds at his feet and one at his head. He spent most weekends at their house, unless he and his dad had plans or if we had plans as a family. His friend’s father always said Clint was the most well mannered child that ever came to their house"


18th Birthday Poem

Birthday Dedication To My Beautiful Angel

On this 21st day of September

You were born –

My beautiful baby boy.

And all that I can remember …..

Is this wonderful bundle of joy.

How could I know my heart would be torn?

In just 17 and a half years

When that joy turned to a million tears.

It feels just like yesterday

When you were so tragically taken away.

Birthdays no longer matter,

‘Cos we no longer hear your lively chatter.

You were not into fashion,

But, bikes were your passion.

Your bike would always shimmer and sheen

The way you would wash, polish and keep it clean.

How could I know to my horror?

That your passion would turn to sorrow

That there would be no tomorrow.

I catch a glimpse of that beautiful smile

In the flame of the candle

But want to run a mile,

Because it is your death that I cannot handle.

The sun is no longer as bright

Since that tragic night –

When your death, you tried so hard to fight.

You were so strong

You did nothing wrong

So why were you taken away,

‘Cos now we can’t celebrate this day.

Wherever your spirit maybe……..

I wish you only happiness and joy

And not sadness and tears like me.





“ This is the most heartbreaking writing I have had to do, which has taken me hours to complete, not because I don’t know what to say, but because Clinton should be writing this and not me. Clint was about to reach not only the most important milestone in his life, but the one that is always looked back on with relief, happiness and fond memories, it was almost time to end one chapter of his life, to embark on a new one in the real world. I can honestly say that no matter what career Clint chose he would have made a success of it. He was not scared of hard work and he was not too lazy to work and was always determined to succeed, school work the exception. However, this year, he suddenly grew up over night and realised he had to work hard to pass Matric.

All his life he wanted to be either a motor mechanic or motorbike mechanic, but in high school he decided to become a Mechanical Engineer and still learn to become a motorbike & motor mechanic so he could do that as a hobby. All that changed this year. His Accounting teacher, Ms Kirsten, made such an impression on him and made the Finance World of Accounting & Investments so interesting, that he decided that he would rather become an Accountant even though it would take longer to qualify, because he did not have a University Entrance Matric.

He left primary school, a quiet, unhappy, shy little boy with very little confidence in himself and not long after starting at Brandcliff, he became quite a noisy, but confident and happy boy who was determined to succeed at everything he set his mind to do.

Clint really grew as a person at Brandcliff and I would like to thank Mrs Pictor and all the staff for the wonderful and happy years Clint spent at Brandliff and for the role they played in him turning out to be a responsible, positive and confident young adult with so much direction in life.”


This I wrote for the Think Bike Fallen Page, which they asked me to do so they could add Clint to the site.

21.09.1989 – 16.03.2007

Our Loving Son, Loyal Friend, Above All a Good Role Model
For Your Little Brother
You were not into Drugs or Clubs
You did not smoke & hardly drank
You were Kind, Loving & Sensitive
Not a Teenage Rebel
So Why were YOU the One taken …………
So Tragically – So Cruel

You loved the Bush, Nature, Camping & Fishing ….
But Your Biggest Love was Motorbikes.
Before you could even walk and talk ….
I am sure you were dreaming of having your own Big Bike.
How our lives have changed
Since the day someone DID NOT THINK BIKE!!
We miss your Beautiful Smile
No one can forget your Laugh
It came straight from your Heart!
You were Respectful & Helpful –
 Only saw the Good in People – Never the Bad.
Yet They Did Not Care –

They Did Not Care ………
That a little Boy no longer has his Big Brother, His Hero
His Mentor!!!!!
They Did Not Care …….
That a Dad Lost His Son, His Shadow –
His Best Friend!!!!
They Did Not Care
That a Mother refuses to Carry on Living,
Because it’s too hard knowing You Are Not There
You were cautious & Careful –
Far From Reckless
You were Responsible! – You knew Not To Drink & Ride!
So Why were you the ONE TAKEN?
Why?  Because someone DID NOT THINK BIKE!!

There is silence now –
No more bikes revving
Or Riding up our road
Home - safe & sound.
They say your spirit is always with us
Maybe it’s true –
But why was it you?

It’s almost your 19th birthday
Another year has gone by …..
Since your 18th birthday -
Spent without a dry eye
Did they care – NO!!

You could not spend your Matric Farewell
With Your Friends
You could not wait for that Night
‘Coz you would’ve turned 18 at Midnight.
But that Dream was taken away ----
The day someone said

As Chaddy said on the day we said our final goodbyes -
“No offence to all the other brothers
But Clint Was The Best Brother In The World”
So PLEASE THINK BIKE It Could Be Your Son!!!!!!!!!!!!



Happy 22nd Birthday Angel

It’s been four and a half years,

Five Birthdays, all spent in tears.

The Sun no longer shines as bright

Emotions as black as the night.

The Universe holding a gun to my head

Forcing life to carry on

Even though you are dead.

Am I supposed to accept that you are gone.

Living and breathing is not by choice

If only I can hear your voice.

To see your tender smile

My emotions volatile

Looking up at the clear blue skies

Expecting to see your deep soulful eyes.

Kind loving beautiful and most of all special

Passionate caring and far from superficial.

I am neither poet nor writer

The words never making my heart lighter.

BUT I need to find a way

To make it through this day.

The day you turn twenty two

How do I survive it without you.

Taken so tragically at the age of seventeen

Yet you were never ugly or mean

The reason & tragedy no one can ever explain

Everyday Life just full of pain.

On this special day

We will try and keep the tears at bay

And try and remember

That we spent 17 happy years with our Angel

On this 21st day of September

Candles burning, flowers a plenty

But it doesn’t make up for our lives that are now empty.

Happy Birthday My Special Boy

Thank you for always being such a joy

We will always love & cherish all our wonderful memories of YOU

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