Why I Blog

Well, Yes - Why Do I Blog?  I wonder that myself at times.................. but this should sum it up.

When I was a child I fancied myself to be a writer. I was a day dreamer (still am) and I loved reading books. This combination lead me to write stories on paper, usually scrap bits of paper, which would end up being thrown away and no one actually knew about my story writing. This fantasy future of mine ended with the help of a school system and school teachers who did not encourage imagination or free thinking. Fast forward many many years and blogs were discovered/created/born, whatever term you would like to use.

Just before Clinty died, there were adverts encouraging people to start blogs. I can't remember who was doing the advertising, I just remember that I wanted to start a blog every time I saw the adverts. Then my whole world came crashing down on the 15 March 2007 and that was the end of my even thinking of starting a blog.

I did start a blog eventually and in fact I have had quite a few blogs. I just gave up on them. My first blog was about Clint's death and how I was dealing with it - that was a year after he died and it lasted all of three or four months and I gave up. The blogging bug had bitten though, even in my grief stricken state and I started another blog, more of a Dear Diary everyday life Blog, rather than a Dealing With Death blog like the first one. The second one was totally anonymous, the first one not completely anonymous. The blogging platform was more the problem and whilst I had not totally given up on the second blog, I started another blog on a different platform and then totally gave up and deleted both blogs. I started another blog in January 2010 and don't think I even posted a single post and then deleted it. I wanted to blog, but emotionally I was not ready to embark on something I saw as enjoyment and something I had wanted to do before Clint died.

I started this blog in April 2010 and just like our lives have changed, yet remained the same and stayed constant in the upheaval that is life, so has my blog. It has had many changes over the years, including a few name changes, it was first completely anonymous with pseudonyms in place of our names, but that changed along time ago. Despite all the changes it has remained the journey of our lives - an honest and open story of our everyday lives. Posts won't always be flowery, pretty and full of frills, just the brutal honest truth. Raw emotional painful thoughts will fill many a post - because that is my life.

I am by no means a writer, I just enjoy putting words on paper so to speak. Blogging allows me to do this and at the same time I get to keep a journal of our everyday lives - the good; the bad; the tears; the laughter; the heartache; the happiness; the frowns; the smiles; the big events; the small and boring insignificant stuff and I also get to indulge the Aquarius in me that prefers the written word to express my feelings and emotions.

I must add that although I march upfront and proudly with the best of the spelling police and I do know that "They're taking their shoes off over there" and "We are taking two trains to town, because it is too far to walk"  and "I write with my right hand", there will be many a post that will make you shake your head and wonder at the spelling and grammatical errors. I spell the South African way (mostly) and always took pride in my spelling. My Oxford Dictionary was always close at hand to double check my spelling, then spell check and auto correct happened; life happened and I find days that I am tired or stressed and spelling and grammar go flying out the window. There are days that I even type good instead of could; down instead of done  and too many others to mention. This is just a warning and no, there is no excuse for poor spelling and grammar and typos, but it is what it is. Blogger also does not recognise UK English, even though my settings are on UK English, it confuses the heck out of my at times, very confused brain, which just adds to my spelling confusion.

In a nutshell this is why I blog and below is my reason why I started this blog and is probably why I have continued with it and not given up and deleted it like all the others.

"1 April 2010

When our home was robbed a couple of months ago, the worst was the invasion of our privacy, the material things they took did not matter. BUT.......... They stole our camera with all our photos on it, some not even downloaded yet and they stole our video camera and ALL the little tapes for the video camera, some not used, which was OK, because we can buy some more, but all the rest were taped on. All our memories and happy times, never to be replaced, all tapes of our darling angel Clinty, that we can never film again.
I have been thinking about all these photos and videos and where I could save them so that should everything get stolen again, how I could keep them safe. (I now have Skydrive Onedrive)
Well last night I got the answer and this is how my blog came about.
I will blog and post photos and videos that will be kept somewhere in cyber space to be accessed anywhere and anytime.
It will take a while to get it up dated, but today will be the start.

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Yesterday I finally made my blog "live".  Initially I was going to keep it a closed blog or invite only blog, but have toyed with the idea of making it live and yesterday my decision was finally made and I opened it up as a public blog. My blog will still remain what I initially started out to do with it - a record of our everyday lives kept up in cyber space so that later on in our lives we can read it and remember all that happened in our lives.  Whether they are big events or small events, memories of heartache or happiness; tragedy or blessings; good or evil; tears or laughter; frowns or smiles, no matter what, it will be a record of the journey of our lives very important and significant to us

At the outset, I would like to apologise for any spelling errors; grammatical errors or typos, because I know there will be many, not because I can't spell or don't know the correct word to use and yes I will use Spell checker, but spell check does not correct everything. However, I won't always proof read what I have written, because sometimes it is just too traumatic & heart wrenching to go back and read what was very traumatic to type in the first place. The other two reasons is because when I read, I read what I want to read so miss a lot of mistakes anyway and also because my mind is usually way ahead of me and also miles away.

So if you are reading this blog, please accept it warts and all!!"

Yes, my blog is a work in progress, just like life is a work in progress, but this is Why I Blog.

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